Thursday, February 5, 2009

Easy Valentine's Heart

Oriental offers this kit to make Valentine pin craft, but you can make one like it at home! We made is easier by taking out the pin. Instead of putting a pin at the back, you can write a note instead.


4 different colored construction paper (any color you want!)
2 differnet colore markers (one red for the small heart, and one color for the "I You!")
Crazy scissors if you want

1. Trace your hand and cut out the tracing.

2. Fold the middle and ring fingers of your cut out hand. Glue them in place like in the picture below.

3. Cut 3 different sizes of hearts.

First is the white heart in the picture below. You can cut that out with crazy scissors if you want. This is the biggest heart.
Second is the red heart in the picture below.
The third is the small pink heart in the picture below. It should fit in the hand.

4. On the smallest heart, draw a small red heart with the marker and write "I You!" just like in the picture below.

5. Glue everything in place.
The small heart is glued on the hand.
The hand is glued on the middle size heart.
The middle size heart is glued to the biggest heart.

You're done!

Check out our version below!

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