Monday, March 22, 2010

Letter from Our Sponsor Child

Through IPHC's People to People Ministries, we sponsor a child for $20 a month. Her name is Pawlina Baghwar. She lives in India. We recently received a letter from her father, Jeewan Baghwar, who wrote on her behalf. The letter is pictured below. Along with the letter is a translation letter, which says:

Dear Sponsors

Greetings to you! I am writing on behalf of Pawlina Baghwar: At present we are well and we trust you are well too. We are receiving continue the help money which you are sending so we thank you so much. The daughter's (Pawlina) education is going on well through this money. She is smilly [smiley] and very sharp in study. Our house is made up with mud on rock; even the rock is courtyard too.

Thank you
(Jeewan Baghwar)
Your loving daughter

Thank you for everyone who continues to support Pawlina. You're changing a child's life for the better!

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