Friday, September 7, 2012

Psalm 100: Grateful Praise to the Lord

Have you ever had writer's block? You just can't find the words to write. Have you ever been stumped? You just didn't know what to do or how to do something. Have you ever felt blocked or stumped when praising or worshiping God?

Nobody may want to admit it, but every Christian had or will feel blocked or stumped when praising or worshiping God. Situations, challenges, problems, or pain can crowd the mind and heart, hindering us from fully giving God praise and worship.

Don't feel bad when this happens to you. Don't feel like you're less of a Christian. You're not. You're just human. But that doesn't mean that you stop praising and worshiping God. Don't just give up. Don't say, "I'm not feeling it, so maybe I'll praise and worship Him another time." Don't say, "Maybe next Sunday, I'll be into the worship more."

Push. Push through the situations, the challenges, the problems, or the pain. Push away whatever is trying to occupy your mind. Push away anything diverting your attention away from God. Why? Because the time we spend giving God praise and worship is a very special time. This is your time with God. Yours. Nobody else's.

When you pray, sometimes you end up interceding for someone else. When you meditate on the Word of God, sometimes you are given a word meant for someone else. But when you praise and worship God, nobody else is there but you and Him. You will never praise or worship God on behalf of someone else. This is your special time to spend with God.

Like in Psalm 100, the time of praise and worship to the Lord is like going inside His gates and courts, and just basking in His enduring love. Being His. Being right there with Him, knowing that He is God, our faithful God. Want to know a secret? When we push through the noise to get to a place of true praise and worship for the Lord, all those things crowding our minds and hearts disappear. They are replaced with the love and peace of God.

Let us praise and worship the Lord today! Let us enter His gates and courts with our very best praise and worship! Let us know Him intimately, and let us bask in His love and faithfulness.

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