Friday, January 13, 2017

The Big God Story

From January through April, our Preschool, Middlers, and Juniors classes are learning The Big God Story! What is that exactly?

All the stories in the Bible are connected. They all point us to The Big God Story, a story all about God. It tells children that they are born because God wants them, that life is about knowing and loving Him, and that death is not at all the end of the story. It tells them that The Big God Story started long ago, has been lived by people for many centuries, is going somewhere exciting, has a place for each child, and is centered on Jesus.

Just like every person in the Bible is part of The Big God Story, we are part of it too and we have parts to play. God has a plan and a purpose for us. As we learn the different stories that make up The Big God Story, let us also learn our part and purpose.

The Big God Story did not end at the last book of the Bible. It continues on today as God's living Word!

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