Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Get a Look Ahead

We believe family is primary. That means parents and guardians are the primary nurturer's of children's faith. So instead of informing them what children learned, we want to inform them of what children will learn in church. This way, they can learn the same things at home that they learn in church. This creates an environment where the family and the church have similar conversations about God, the Bible, and Christian life. We're on the same page!

So we created Look Ahead posts on our Facebook page published every Monday morning. We also created a new Look Ahead Monthly Guide so parents and guardians have the entire lesson for the entire month. Download it below!

Look Ahead Monthly Guide for February 2017: http://bit.ly/lamgfeb2017

The link to the monthly guide will stop working when the month is over. If you want a past monthly guide, please contact us and we can send it to you!

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